President's Message

Across all religions in the world, there is strong belief that children have divinity in them and that they are God’s most beautiful creation.

Teachers are blessed and truly in position to mould the lives of so many children. They are like potters and students like the clay.

Education , in my view , far transcends academic excellence . It is not about running a race with your classmates and topping the list. It is about soaking in all the knowledge gained during the process , it is about translating that knowledge into wisdom and applying that wisdom. It is about excellence . It is about running a race with yourself and emerging a winner in your own eyes.

"Character is everything" If we have to teach values to ourselves , we must realize that we ourselves--- as educators, as teachers and as parents have to be the role models.

"We have to practice what we preach"

Dr. R A Mulani


Dr. R A Mulani is the founder President of Eagle Education Society. He is M.Com, LLB, GDCA, Ph.D

He is a self made entrepreneur and hardcore professional. Being a philanthropist and educationist he enjoys a unique reputation in the society.