New admitted children must give satisfaction as regards :
1) Regularity 2) Cleanliness 3) Conduct 4) Studies

Admission to Std I of the Unique school depends on the satisfaction given in the entrance exam.

School Uniform to be ordered during the month of April. No variation to the cloth, colour or pattern is permitted. In order to ensure uniformity, orders for uniforms should be placed with the recommended supplier only. (Contact the school office for details.) Boys has to wear shoes with laces, and girls with buckles.

If the child falls Sick, the calendar should be immediately sent to the Principal for getting the leave sanctioned. Every student must be present on the last day and on the re-opening day after a vacation.

If the child is sick on the re-opening day or the last day of a vacation, parents should meet the principal and submit medical certificate.

The uniform should be clean and to be ironed daily. Socks to be washed daily. Shoes to be polished daily. Fingernails to be cut every week. Boy's hair to be cut short every three weeks. Girls hair to be clean and neat.

Fees must be paid as per school rules.