Aims and Objectives

The School aims at molding the child’s personality by giving him / her ample opportunities and favourable School environment. The aims and objectives of the School are as follows :-

  1. Education for all round development.
  2. To make a child good student and good human being to possess feeling of kindness towards God and fellow beings.
  3. Develop Good manners and healthy habits to keep mental and physical fitness.
  4. Develop skills to make him / her sociable and encourage group participation.
  5. Caring and sensitive towards the privileges of others.
  6. Encourage them to excel in every field
  7. To make them realize the value of their freedom and use it judiciously.
  8. Positive Attitude towards problem solving in both academic and non- academic situations.
  9. To enhance creative skills in all the related subjects.
  10. Acquire cheerful attitude and develop skill to benefit society and nation.
  11. Make them aware of social responsibilities.
  12. We firmly believe in – “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”